Armando Milani

Armando Milani was born in Milan, where he studied as a graphic designer under Albe Steiner at the Scuola Umanitaria.

In 1965, he won a prize for the logo “RAI Radiotelefortuna”.

In 1970 he opened his own studio in Milan, where he also worked for Giulio Confalonieri and Antonio Boggeri. In 1977, he handed it over to his brother Maurizio and moved to New York, where he worked for two years with Massimo Vignelli, and afterwards opened his own American studio.

He has been a member of the AGI, the Alliance Graphique Internationale, since 1983, when he taught graphic design at the Cooper Union in New York.

As an expert of Corporate Identity, he has taken part into conferences and seminars held everywhere in the world.

A number of his works are on display at the Biblioteque Nationale de France in Paris. In 1995 he received a prize for his poster “New York City Capital of the World” directly from Rudolph Giuliani, mayor of New York.

In 1996 he published the book “A double Life of 80 AGI designers” on creativity and
sense of humour. In the year 2000, he won a prize in Italy for his poster “Promosedia International Chairs Show”.

In 2001 he opened the “Moulin des 3 Arcs” in Provence, a centre for conferences and training on graphic design and its history.

In 2004 he designed a poster on the issue of peace against war for the United Nations, that was spread all over the world. In 2006 he designed a poster for the
Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt and designed the series of poster and postcards “Human Design Collection”.

In 2010 he designed the book “Fifty Poetry of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Fifty Images of Armando Milani”.