Identity for culture

During Design X – International Graphic Design Week | Visual Culture, AIAP Lombardia will display a showreel on the theme of visual identity for culture.

In recent years a revamped focus on cultural activities has led to a quantitative and qualitative growth in the production of visual communication in this sector.

Historical cultural institutions are redesigning their image in a contemporary style, newly founded institutions are building their image with extreme care. Both are aware that branding plays a central role in securing the success of any of their initiatives.

We have looked at this reality and selected the best works of AIAP Lombardia’s members in this sector.


Villa Greppi

jekyll & hyde


Castello Sforzesco

Dondina Associati


Pirelli HangarBicocca



Museo dei Lumi

Carmi e Ubertis


MUDEC | ogr

studio FM


Pomeriggi Musicali

Orith Kolodny


credits: villa greppi ©jekyll e hide / castello sforzesco ©Dondina Associati / pirelli hangarbicocca ©Leftloft / museo dei lumi ©Carmi e Ubertis / mudec | ogr ©studio FM / pomeriggi musicali ©Orith Kolodny